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The Good Earth - Menu


The Good Earth has something for everyone so if you love international you're in the right place.

You'll be spoilt for choice with the number of mouthwatering dishes on our menu.

Your takeaway will be at your door in no time thanks to our reliable delivery drivers!

For a wider variety check out our more-detailed menu by clicking here.


Our Most Popular Dishes
1. Fresh lobster
£ 35.80
With spring onions and ginger on a bed of noo...
2. Satay chicken
£ 4.10
Served with peanut sauce - 2 skewers
3. Lettuce wrapped lamb
£ 8.40
Served with plum sauce
4. Chiu yim ribs
£ 7.40
Tossed in peppercorns and spiced salt
5. Pan fried chicken and chive du...
£ 7.40
Served with a vinegar dip
6. Shredded smoked chicken
£ 7.40
Lightly battered
7. Lettuce wrapped chicken
£ 8.10
With chopped vegetables, served with plum sau...
8. Dragons whiskers prawns
£ 5.60
Wrapped in a fine shredded pastry
9. Chiu yim squid
£ 6.20
Tossed in peppercorns and spiced salt
10. Soft shell crab
£ 12.90
Lightly battered with peppercorns and spiced ...

The Good Earth

14-18 High Street

KT10 9RT Esher

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